In playing badminton, it is very important that players know the badminton rules for serving. In the service rules, both players shall not cause undue delays in delivering the serve, once they are already in their respective positions. When making a service, both players shall stand within a diagonally opposite service courts without stepping on the boundary line of their service courts. During the service, the feet of both players must remain in contact with the surface of the court in a stationary position from the beginning of the service until the service is delivered.

The racquet shall initially hit the base of the shuttle. Moreover, the whole shuttle shall be below the server’s waist when he/she hits it with the racquet. Also, in hitting the shuttle, a server’s racquet should be pointing in a downward direction to an extent that the whole head of the racquet is below your hand holding the racquet. The flight of the shuttle shall be upwards so that it will pass over the net and land on the opponent’s court.

Remember, it is a “fault” if the player fails to hit the shuttle while attempting to serve. If the player is already in his/her position then the first movement of his/her racquet’s head is deemed to be the start of their service. Thus it is important to consider not taking a serve if the opponent is not yet ready. If the opponent attempts to return the service then he/she shall be deemed as ready.

During a doubles game, the partner of the player who will do the service may go to any position within the court so long as he/she does not block the opposing server or the receiver.

In conclusion, I would like to reiterate that it is very important to remember these badminton rules for service. These rules will make the game a lot more challenging as well as make its players a lot more disciplined, by practicing the rules of the game.

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